28 Nov 2014

home, sweet home

Ah, home, sweet home.
Yesterday I made the bittersweet drive from beautiful Haliburton home to Toronto. November was a wonderful month. It was practically euphoric to be in a midwifery placement (and working with truly lovely midwives). Being in the fresh air and quiet was like a thousand and one angels smiling down on me, after the insanity of September and October.
I feel like I'm back up to snuff with my "midwifery skills" and maybe won't actually fail senior year (file under: previously a legitimate concern). I got to be a strong independent lady and be on my own. I got to drive at night in the very pitch black in the middle of snow storms. I saw deer and owls. I got to put my city brat self in check and see what life in non-south west Ontario is like. Basically, I did that thing you're supposed to do in your twenties called "expanding your horizons". I'll put one more tick in the win column, thank you very much.
Now I'm back home and studying for exams next week. Then it will be Christmas and New Years and seeing friends and having ridiculous fun. I have some blog posts in the works that I'm excited about and have so many winter activities planned! All very good things for the nutty month of December.

Keep it real.
Until next time, xo

22 Nov 2014

internet stuff for reading enjoyment

Happy Saturday from the Haliburton Public Library! I have only a few more days here in the woods and while I am genuinely sad for it to end, I shan't miss driving 20 minutes to get to accessible wifi. Especially when I have been instructed to investigate weird things like do intense grapefruit cravings have anything to do with pica*? Or when I really just want to remember the name of that vampire movie that Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords made and it's driving me crazy. Or even wishing to recall the infamous Jess and Nick kiss from 2013 (not that that ever happened). I could use data for such things, but everyone knows that internet vortexes are always lurking just around the corner and the likelihood of getting sucked into one is high. Well here's some stuff from my travels down the dark holes of internet vortices for your own reading enjoyment, such as calming your brain down, cats, important cheese discoveries and getting ready for all those holiday parties. Enjoy!

how to get ready for a holiday party in 5 minutes

11 ways to feel and look awesome even though it's freezing outside

Very Important Cheese Information 

Being alone at the cottage has put me on an audiobook kick, here are some excellent narrated audio books for those so inclined

the best explanation of a perineum I've ever heard

I love this concept: friends with words 

9 ways to calm your brain after a busy day

an open letter to Nora Ephron

a few things cats can teach you

how tart and delicious does this cranberry based beverage sound? Bonus points for beautiful garnish

helpful graphic information: adding text to images 101 

this mini travel guide to Quebec is making me really want to take a winter road trip!

How amazing does Sophie's trip to London look? Makes me want to go back...

*not a bloody clue

19 Nov 2014

adventures in Narnia

Greetings from Narnia! 
The snow has arrived. The white witch has cast her spell and we shan't be seeing spring for another hundred years (or four months, depending on your understanding of the space time continuum). 
So far it has been nothing but beautiful sunny walks and seeing woodland creatures. Just like when Lucy met Mr. Tumnus for the first time and nothing weird happened at all.  
Now? Now not so much. 
Yesterday morning, as the sun came up around it's leisurely 7:15am wake up time, I saw the wind whipping the deep rooted trees outside my window around like they weighed nothing. Looking down at the water I could see the lake being agitated and grumpy. White caps and waves before 8am is a sure sign of rocky weather on the way. While I cleared off my car, I heard the wind making the trees groan and creak and talk to each other. 
I got myself to clinic, which is located in the basement of a building in town, and promptly forgot about the wild weather. It's like a casino down there. Sense of time is gone and circadian rhythms are at the mercy of the wretched fluorescent lights. 
After receiving several texts from one of the midwives warning of bad roads and the like, I got myself out of there by 4:30. Walking out of the office felt like I was standing inside a snow globe that was being roundly abused by a small child with poor motor control. Thick, heavy snow falling fast. Massive wind blowing it all sideways. The temperature plummeting by the minute. 
Winter. Narnia. White witch. 
Driving home, visibility was non-existent. This is not an ideal situation when the roads around here look like they were paved over the art made by someone haphazardly squeezing glue out onto a piece of construction paper. I white knuckled the drive home, going 20 km, hazard lights and high beams on. 

Thankfully I made it home in one pice. My beloved Jetta proving herself to be up to the challenge of deep winter driving. The driveway to our cottage is on a hill and has a slight curve to it. Just enough to make winter parking a total and complete pain in the ass. I reversed in a few feet and left the car there, thinking that would suffice for getting me out in the morning. 
The rest of the night was spent inside with a fire, praying nobody would page in the throes of labour. I also had a good laugh to myself, thinking of this hysterical Heritage Minutes commercial...  

The stories the midwives were telling me about driving to births on snow mobiles were staring to sound a little less epic and a lot more realistic, when this morning my car was stuck. I was able to reverse all the way down the drive, in hopes of attaining enough speed to spit me out (fingers crossed, not spinning out like a maniac) onto the road. Several attempts at this later and I find myself reversing, once again down the drive only to drive myself over a log and promptly get really stuck. Completely. No budging the damn thing. It's not the Jetta's fault. She shouldn't be blamed for such conditions and circumstances. So I had to call a tow truck, for the first time in my life. I got to have a lovely chat with the nicest man from Highlands Towing while he dragged my sorry ass up the drive and out onto the world. 
A free woman at last!

The adventures in the northern land continue with less than two weeks to go! I'm looking forward to Christmas and being at home for the holidays.
Until next time, my faun friends. xo

15 Nov 2014

internet stuff for reading enjoyment

Greetings from the beautiful Haliburton! Old man winter has officially arrived. There is a skiff of ice on the lake this morning and the deck required shovelling. I may or may not have listened to just the teeniest, tiniest amount of Christmas music. That's what being on your own let's you do: break the rules, man. I am already half way done my placement, what?! That means studying is required as is copious amounts of tea and one person dance parties. Cue Robyn on repeat. Here's some stuff for your reading enjoyment including copious amounts of cocktails, Harry Potter appreciation, thoughts on cat calling, Daria's unbeatable sass and boozy chocolate treats! Let's get into it.

Dear this banana bread french toast: get into my mouth immediately

Daria knows what's up 

very curious: what men think of catcalling 

this DIY project would be a great gift for someone with a home bar...just sayin'...

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Very Important Desktop Wallpaper for those of us who accidentally started saying such an expression and now can't seem to stop

buying time for the holidays 

no-bake boozy chocolate treats? Uh, yes please

Harry Potter appreciation 

Richard Linklater does know a lot about life and love

I will definitely be making this three ingredient ginger latte in the near to immediate future

as the cold weather is upon us, here are some fun games to play at home with just two people

Very Important Website: Liquirious, for endless browsing of cocktail recipes

Stay cozy, my friends xo