13 Sep 2014

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Oh hi before 6:30am on a Saturday morning! You're looking, uh, chipper. I can tell it's fall now because the sun isn't even pretending to be out yet and the trees and just loving their lives in the wind. In a few short moments I will be prying myself out of my perfectly warm bed and into a pair of scrubs. My first 24 hour shift at the hospital starts this morning. Pray for me. Just think of me wandering around the L&D congratulating people on their new babies like this. I've got lots of good stuff for you to read like drinking traditions from around the world, how to make apple pie biscuits, why you should visit New Zealand, and going out in Toronto on the cheap. Stay warm in bed my friends, weekend on! 

The distraction free iPhone. Totally into it.

shut. up. apple pie biscuits

one thousand percent yes to all of these

I've got kiwis on the brain as of late and felt compelled to find the New Zealand posters from Flight of the Conchords. Worth it.

ohhhhmmmyyyygodddd homemade stroopwafels

budget date ideas for going out in Toronto

drinking traditions from around the world

perfectly adult and appropriate for a pizza party

more hilarious posters: Andy Dwyer quotes as motivational posters

three of my favourite words in one sentence: 13 comics that smash the patriarchy

helpful: simple bedtime yoga routine

how long will that wine last?

what to drink this weekend

Have a great weekend!
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12 Sep 2014

sips // 5 fall cocktails to make this weekend

I would like to take this opportunity to stop pretending that I'm sad summer is ending. I'm not. At all. I absolutely, bloody* love fall. It's the superior season, all others are beneath it.  Bring on the sweaters, the rain, the pumpkin spice ridiculousness, the unnecessary over quoting of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Anne Shirley, the pies and doughnuts and cider and hot toddies. Oh yes, fall is arguably the best season for drinking. I've got no scientific basis for that claim other than all of the best flavours are used like ginger, apples, bourbon and warm wine with spices. Autumn is the best. Period the end. For those of you who would also like to stop pretending to be sad summer is over, here are five fall appropriate cocktails to make this weekend. Cheers!

1. apple cider sangria

2. ginger tom collins

3. the 1794 cocktail 

4. autumn bourbon sangria

5. bourbon sour

*I'm not British. I don't care.

Lots more cocktail ideas to be found on pinterest! 

10 Sep 2014

midwifery // third year etcetera

 photo midwifery-school_zps3de75358.jpg

So I suppose third year has officially begun. I spent six very intense days last week in school stuffing my brain fuller than my body at Thanksgiving dinner. The confusion and exhaustion were approximately the same. The first four days were Advanced Clinical Skills, including some new stuff but mostly a review from everything we did in our first placement. Some lectures were helpful, like the one by an amazing lactation consultant from South Africa who I think we were all prepared to get on the ground and worship at the end of her talk, and a fairly militant suturing workshop that actually improved my skills (just to be clear: you can never practice enough suturing on non-humans). The final two days were ALARM: Advanced Labour and Risk Management, a course for all obstetrical health care providers that has to be re-certified every two years. I found ALARM overwhelmingly helpful. As in I was extremely overwhelmed but learned so. much. 

The end of the ALARM course/week long intensive culminated in a written exam and scenario-based practical skills examinations (NOT IN ANY WAY NERVE WRACKING THANK YOU FOR ASKING.) I ended up passing, hooray, and I have a new found respect and understanding of obstetricians. It's hard for midwifery students not to symbolically re-enact clash of the titans when talking about midwives and OBs. That's just the nature of life, people appreciate a good duality. But for me the ALARM course was a way of helping my mentality become a little more even. Way to go higher education, you just achieved one of your goals. 

You will often hear people saying that midwifery school is intense. It is, but not simply because of the volume of work. For me it's intense because it's just so damn emotional. It would not be a day in midwifery school if I did not: 
question all of my life choices
berate myself for having multiple privileges and not being sufficiently aware of it
cry in the bathroom
get angry
feel totally and utterly confused
wish I had done something, anything else with my life
feel that I'm the only one who doesn't know what the midwives are talking about 
fall in love with midwifery again (it's hella rad)
feel awesome about all of my life choices 
feel totally and utterly grateful that I am lucky enough to get to be in school to do this
enjoy obstetrics and feel pleased with my life decisions

That is a lot to go through in one day, and, genuinely shocking to me: it has not gotten better since I started. I really expected this, my third year, to be less emotionally turbulent. 

Well, shit. 
There's also an endless amount of laughter from Tiffany and I. To be honest, we can't really sit together any more, it has become far too distracting. One time last year, Tiffany accidentally took two plastic forks from the shawarma place across the street and upon discovering this apparently wildly hysterical mistake, we got so punchy that she had to leave the classroom she was laughing so hard. 

There's also a. lot. of yelling. I don't know if you know this but midwifery students are really passionate about all the things! ALL THE THINGS! All the time. There's a lot of energy that needs to go...somewhere and when we can't be running around delivering babies and pretending like we know what were talking about, well, we yell.  

Now I start another semester of placements. I have one following around an OB, followed by a placement at the NICU and then I'm off to the beautiful Haliburton Highlands for a midwifery placement. It's Thanksgiving Dinner 2.0. I can't promise I'll be blogging a lot about midwifery but I will for sure be keeping up appearances with my alcohol based beverages and weekend links. Mostly that's to keep myself sane. Three cheers for blogging! 
Okay three more cheers for back to school, because it is the most wonderful time of the year (sorry Christmas and Andy Williams). Ciao bellas!

8 Sep 2014

Eurotrip // Copenhagen

Happy Monday! I'm pretty fried after my midwifery school "intensive". I passed though! Hooray for me. I want to get a post out about Copenhagen before I get too far into placements and completely forget about it. My dad and I spent two amazing days in Copenhagen before I flew home. It's a really wonderful city! The Danish are so delightful with their lovely sounding language and absolutely perfect English. I particularly loved their aesthetic: black clothes and minimal accessories. It was all very Scandinavian. Hipster Dad and I had delicious food, really good beer and saw some amazing things. It's an incredibly photogenic city, so I may have, ahem, gone overboard. A few highlights: Tivoli Gardens, Nyhavn (New Harbour), the coffee, a river tour at sunset, the Little Mermaid statue, enviable bike lanes, tattooed gentlemen everywhere, and touring the Carlsberg brewery. In lieu of a word-heavy post, please accept this truly unreasonable amount of photos.  

Hipster Dad carries my bag. Momentous. 


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